FortisBC Tilbury Liquified Natural Gas Plant Expansion

Partners: FortisBC
Contract Value: $2,200,000.00

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FortisBC’s expansion of their Tilbury Island liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility in Delta, BC is intended to meet the long-term projected growth for LNG as a cleaner transportation fuel and an important energy source for communities, industry and the marketplace. This expansion will result in increased LNG supply, creating opportunities for industrial users and remote communities, bringing economic development and new jobs to BC.

Through TMJV, the long-standing joint venture partnership between Tsawwassen First Nation and Matcon Civil, we were contracted by FortisBC to provide a range of heavy civil construction services both on and off the project site. FortisBC’s mandate to engage local First Nation-owned businesses and individuals in their project work furnished us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our capacity for creative solutions, and reaffirm our reputation as leaders in BC’s civil construction industry.

As the project site is located within an established industrial area, and is directly adjacent to the south arm of the Fraser River, coordination with the projects many stakeholders, participants, and neighbors was paramount. The project’s Registered Environmental Professional guided work around nesting and fisheries windows, and our team worked hard to coordinate with both the adjacent local businesses and the other contractors participating in the project. More than 600 people worked on the FortisBC Tilbury LNG Expansion project, including 100 local businesses from 10 lower mainland communities, furnishing 475 on-site local skilled tradespeople who are represented by 10 unions and brought $10Million to Delta in goods and services.

Our Off-Site works included roadwork such as the repair and widening of Hopcott Road, the addition of sidewalks and a boulevard, street lighting, hydro/tel/shaw services, installation and management of erosion and sediment control, and installation of the off-site cathodic Protection. We also upgraded the storm sewer system, sanitary sewer system, and waterworks, tying into the adjacent existing Corporation of Delta and privately owned infrastructure, including the drainage system that connects to the Tilbury Slough.

While our On-Site works included the installation of erosion and sediment control, the storm sewer system, sanitary sewer, Fire Line, and waterworks, as well as construction of the access road to the substation, and the installation of the on-site cathodic protection.

Wellpoint dewatering was utilized to overcome Delta’s high water table during the installation of both the water main and the fire suppression line, while the fire line itself along with the restraints and fittings were field-tested against the extremely high pressures necessary for the facilities operations.

TMJV also participated in FortisBC’s reporting processes for Indigenous and other under-represented workers, leveraging our internal Employment Retention and Advancement and Work Experience Program for First Nation Youth programs, as well as our solid working relationships with local First Nations and First Nation individuals.