Eagle Mountain – Single Family Residential

Partners: ADC Developments / Abbotsford
Contract Value: $45,000,000

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Eagle Mountain will remain one of our proudest achievements as a construction company, as it showcases our ability to overcome the challenges of such a difficult site and make the developer’s vision a reality. Matcon Civil personnel, working as part of the development management team, provided development strategy and business planning, as well as design review and development planning input. This collaborative approach allowed the owner to achieve the best overall layout and large savings in rock handling, retaining walls and detention/retention facilities.

Our works included extensive drilling and blasting of native bedrock allowing for proprietary rock wall design providing dramatic retaining structures of over four stories tall; upgrading of existing roadways and utilities; construction of new arterial roads and utilities; construction of a one million gallon reservoir fed by a two kilometer supply main and upgraded booster pump station; and preparation of school-park and commercial development sites.