Oregon Spotted Frog Habitat Restoration

Partners: Milestone Environmental Contracting
Contract Value: $2,200,000

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Managed under a federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) permit, the Sutherland Road project restored the configuration of what had most recently been a market farm, back to a wetlands habitat in support several species at risk including the Oregon Spotted Frog, Oregon Forest Snail, Western Painted Turtle, and the Pacific Water Shrew. Because the land utilized for this project was federally owned, this project had been subject to a screening-level environmental assessment in 2012.

Matcon Civil’s project team was responsible for the remediation of contaminated soils and sediments. Our works included the removal of 16,000m3 of contaminated soil and sediment from within and around watercourses that drain into the Mountain Slough watershed, and the construction and re-grading of 800 metres of channel habitat. Contaminated water was managed through the construction of in-ground holding tanks and the installation of a vertical filtration system used in combination to both clean the water, and to manage the flow during active construction. Vegetation in the existing ditch areas was mowed to allow for visual surveys and hand-catching of various species.

Matcon Civil also leveraged our involvement in this project to include our invasive species project team members from our TFN Construction / Matcon Civil Joint Venture, who worked closely with the biologists of Balance Ecological to utilize manual and mechanical methods to remove invasive plant species, install containment/exclusion fencing and tube traps for target species, and assist with fauna salvages and bird surveys.