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Habitat Banking focuses on creating and improving fish and wildlife habitat in advance of port development projects, to ensure potential impacts to existing habitat are off-set.

Port Metro Vancouver’s (PMV) Habitat Banking Program is an ongoing, proactive measure intended to offset the potential impacts of port development projects to fish and wildlife habitats. To be considered truly successful these projects must include substantive participation of local First Nation people. Consultants awarded work on PMV’s Habitat Banking Program projects are encouraged to provide employment and training opportunities to First Nation individuals and First Nation owned businesses.

TMJV works with PMV, the employment coordinators at each local First Nation and a variety of organizations that provide funding for skills training to First Nation individuals to ensure PMV’s First Nations project participation mandate is exceeded.
PMV Habitat Banking Program sites 3.1 to 3.5 comprise

90.000 square metres of waterfront salt marsh habitat between Boundary Bay and Roberts Bank, BC. The rehabilitation of this sensitive habitat includes the works to remove the abandoned logs, garbage, barbed wire and other contaminants as well as the construction of safe, contaminate-free perching and foraging habitat.

To date these projects have generated full-time employment in South Delta for five Tsawwassen, one Hwlitsum and one Shisale First Nation Members. As well, Tsawwassen First Nation artisans have been provided access to a significant quantity of valuable salvaged materials, such as cedar for carving.